Fraine school camp

Through the game we learn to ski!

The large and sunny area of Fraine, between Pozza and Pera, is reserved for fun on the snow. The slope, fenced and served by a treadmill to make the ascent more comfortable, is divided into two parts: one is dedicated to children, from the age of 3, who want to learn the basics of skiing with ad hoc courses taught by the very good teachers of the Vigo Ski School; the second is reserved for bobsleighs, toboggans, inflatables and paddles, to be rented also on site. The joy on the track also conquers mom, dad and grandparents who plunge into the past, reviving emotions and family memories. Can you still play snowball battles or build an Olaf-style igloo and puppet? After skiing, the children continue to have fun in the area equipped with slides, tunnels, swings, houses and inflatable.

The town of Fraine can be reached on foot from both Pozza and Pera, following the promenade along the Avisio river. There is a refreshment area right in front of the school playground. The area is milled daily and artificial snowmaking is provided to ensure opening until spring.

In this sunny location the Ski School organizes collective courses and private lessons, for all children from 3 years old and up who want to learn to ski.

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